Prescott's Pickleball Guide

Prescott's Pickleball Guide

Find the latest news and reviews concerning the awesome sport of Pickleball.

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A Pickleball player holding a blue and white duffel bag


13 Best Pickleball Bags, Backpacks, Duffels & Slings (2022)

A guide to finding the right bag to take with you to the local Pickelball Tournament.

Paris 2024 Olympic Games logo


Can Pickleball Become an Olympic Sport in 2024 or 2028? Let's Find Out!

Pickleball is not an Olympic sport at the moment. This could change for the 2024 Paris Olympics or the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, though a status change for 2024 is a stretch.

An outline of the state of Washington with Pickleball Paddles and Ball in between


Pickleball Became the Official State Sport of Washington on June 9th, 2022

Outstanding! What a way to bring recognition to not only our great game, but the state in which it was created over half a century ago.

Several rows of terms used in Pickleball


Pickleball Terms You Need To Know

It's hard to play Pickleball, let alone any game, if you don't know what anything means. Below is a list of terms that Pickleball players use that should help get you familiar with playing the game.

Three pickleball balls on top of a pickleball paddle


What is Pickleball & Why is it Popular?

Maybe you’ve seen people playing pickleball and wondered, what sport is that? Or you might've heard people talking about how popular it is and you want to know what the fuss is all about. Well, wonder no more.

Three pickleball balls on top of a pickleball paddle


Why is it Called Pickleball and Who Named It That?

The new game of Pickleball burst onto the scene within the last several years. This sport’s popularity proves the value of simple sports that anyone can play. Because of its accessibility, pickleball is becoming one of the fastest-growing sports in America.

Three pickleball balls on top of a pickleball paddle


Indoor vs Outdoor Pickleballs - What’s the Difference?

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. The easy-to-learn, low-impact sport has been a go-to sport for seniors for years but is undergoing a resurgence as a fun and social sport for all ages.

Pickleball Courts with Kitchen Zones colored differently to highlight themselves


What is the Pickleball Kitchen aka Non-Volley Zone?

The Kitchen in the sport of Pickleball is the unofficial name given to the Non-Volley Zone (NVZ). The Kitchen Rule is that a player can not volley the pickleball while standing in or landing in the zone. Doing so is considered a fault and the point will be awarded to your opponent.

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A Joola Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16mm Pickleball Paddle

Joola Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16mm

A USAPA-approved competition paddle that is ready to follow you to the top of your game.

Pros: Great Control, Power & Spin

Cons: Expensive

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Franklin Sports Franklin Signature Pickleball Paddle

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Featured Pros

Ben Johns, Pro Pickleball Athlete

Ben Johns

23-year old Ben Johns is considered one of the best players in the Pro Circuit.

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Tyson McGuffin, Pro Pickleball Athlete

Tyson McGuffin

McGuffin is an ex-Tennis player who has excelled at the highest levels of Pickleball.

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