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Selkirk Sport Pickleball Paddle Case with a Selkirk Omni Paddle Inside of the Case
That paddle is a Selkirk Omni Paddle | Photo Credit to Selkirk

The Best Pickleball Paddle Cases for Maximum Protection

Serious pickleballers tend to spend beaucoup bucks on quality paddles. What do premium paddles need? Good protection.

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And that's where a Paddle Case comes in. A cover is fine, and bags are great, if you do a lot of traveling. But what if you want the ability to loop a paddle over your shoulder without the additional encumbrance of a full-fledged pickleball bag? Well that's the job of a paddle case.

Brands & Models of Pickleball Paddle Cases

Franklin Pickleball-x Single Paddle Carry Bag
Franklin Pickleball-x Single Paddle Carry Bag shown in Black

Franklin Pickleball-x Single Paddle Carry Bag

Franklin's Pickleball-x Bag is good enough to be the Official Bag of The US Open, so it's definitely good enough for your needs. Sure, it's more than just a cover, but we can't fault it for providing case-like padded protection just because it has a strap. Plus it has a fence hook, and not all cases do.

Franklin Sports has built a solid reputation in the world of Pickleball, and this bag is no exception.

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Selkirk Sport SLK Premium Pickleball Paddle Case
Selkirk Sport SLK Premium Pickleball Paddle Case shown in Black

Selkirk Sport SLK Premium Pickleball Paddle Case

Durability and protection are two things that come to mind with Selkirk's paddle case. One thing we really love is that Selkirk ensured that all of their paddles will fit into the Sport SLK case. We'd like to think that most companies would just make a new paddle case per model to maximize profits.

Another thing regarding profits, this paddle case is a cheaper version of their Selkirk Sport paddle case with pretty much all of the same tech behind it.

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Professional Pickleball Tour Player Ben Johns holding a JOOLA VISION DUO Pickleball Paddle Bag
Ben Johns holding a JOOLA VISION DUO | Photo Credit to Joola

JOOLA VISION DUO Pickleball Paddle Bag

Long known for the premium table tennis gear, Germany-based Joola brings this slick neoprene paddle case to market. The rubber zipper grips are a nice tactile touch to an already smooth and comfortable case.

However, where this Paddle Bag shines is with the second zippered pouch that is large enough to fit two pickleballs. The fence hook hides away, the construction is heavy duty, and it fits two paddles. It's a no-brainer.

We forgot to mention that Ben Johns, one of the premier pro players on the tour, is sponsored by Joola.

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Pickleball Case FAQs

What do you look for in a Paddle Case?

You want a Paddle Case to offer some level of water protection. You also want the insides to be well-padded. A strap is nice, but a padded strap is gold. Something that is easily cleanable is also desired. And, a fence hook. Those are always nice-to-haves.

What is a Paddle Cover vs Case

A Paddle Cover wraps around the surface of the Pickleball paddle only. Cases typically feature a strap and enough space to squeeze your car keys and a thin wallet into.

What is a Pickleball Bag vs Case

Pickleball bags are the adult version of the Paddle Case. Bags can hold a sleeve of balls, multiple paddles, towels, sunscreen and and a variety of the necessary items that bring to the local courts and distant tournaments.

25 Things to Bring to a Pickleball Tournament

Pickleball Pro, Glen Peterson, discusses all of the important items he packs in his Pickleball Bag on tournament day. After playing in 50+ tourneys over the years, he's figured out what works and doesn't work. Your bound to get some good ideas from him in this video, so check it out.

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Joola USA Pickleball Logo


JOOLA Pickleball launched in 2022 and has been running on all cylinders ever since. They make high quality Table Tennis equipment, so it can be safely assumed that their Pickleball line is top notch as well.

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Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports is one of the oldest, indepedent sporting goods manufacturers left in America. They are growing their presence in the Pickleball community through strategic partnerships and excellent product quality.

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Named after the Selkirk Mountains in the Northwest, the company is known for superior paddles that are Made in the USA. We capitalized the M because we believe in it too.

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