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A good skirt is one key to success

Fantastic Pickleball Skirts, Skorts and Leggings to Wear

Having the right skirt for your match will undoubtedly help your performance. Finding the right blend of comfort and versatility is as important to you as it is to us.

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Whether you're a pro or an amateur doesn't matter when it comes to feeling comfortable in the clothes that you wear during a game of Pickleball. A good skirt - or skort, as we'll see - should free your mind, and body, from worrying about restriction when it comes to overhand forehand smashes and finessed backhand dink shots. It should also free your mind from worrying about the next time you need to bend over to pick up a ball.

Let's see what's in store and how we can help with that.

What to Look For in a Skirt

The things you want to consider when buying skirts beyond the size are the quality of the material, the overall length, and then the set of features, like colors and patterns, as well as whether or not there are pockets.

What is the balance of polyester to spandex? Is there a mesh lining? What is the pocket count? Are they are any zippers? Drawstring or elastic?

These are the type of questions that you want to be asking beyond just size and color. Not that we haven't just purchased something because we loved the color before, because we 100% have. And so have you.

Brands of Pickleball Skirts

Queen of the Court Cocktail Skirt
Queen of the Court Cocktail Skirt shown in full party mode

Queen of the Court Cocktails on the Court Skirt

In all honesty, it's our favorite skirt for Pickleball'n. QotC goes the extra mile and intentionally designs their activewear skirts to be longer than what's on the market. Here's what they have to say about the design of the Cocktail Skirt.

The Cocktail Skirt is performance-driven enough to handle the rigors of the court, while being stylish enough to handle cross-town errands. Just don't wear it to your college roommate's rehearsal dinner, that event is all about her.

PS - Did we mention that it is Made in the USA?

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Tennis Golf Pickleball Skirt Seafoam Navy Coral White Print Tennis Skort Running Skirt
Lucky Dot Designs Skort shown in Seafoam Navy Coral Print

Lucky Dot Designs Coral Print Skort

This Skort is custom made, which is a Pro. The subsequent Con is that it takes 1-2 weeks to ship. Which is fine, because we dig the material and the fit. Plus, the wide waistband does indeed diminish "muffin top".

The Coral Print Skort is made with swimsuit fabric and is stretchy and capable of being machine washed and dryed only, as the folding is on you. Perhaps the best thing about this Skort, beyond it's ability to handle not only courtlife, but the street and trail training (aka running) that goes with it, is that a Runner's Pocket can be sewn into the interior of the back waistband.

And that's why we wait the 1-2 weeks for Lucky Dot Designs to ship the custom made Pickleball Skort.

Other sports is also good for:

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Medium Bright Neon Multi Colored Pixel Print Running Skort Tennis Skirt
Lucky Dot Designs Skort shown in Pixel Print

Lucky Dot Designs Pixel Print Skort

We also feel compelled to show you this piece of excellence. If it weren't in Medium-only (could just be a stocking issue), we'd have definitely recommended Lucky Dot Designs Pixel Print skirt.

It's got all of the features and benefits of the Coral Print, but with maximum on-court attitude. It's like a disco ball in color, and it wants to win.

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Picklebella Basic Black A-Line Skort
Picklebella Basic A-Line Skort shown in Black

Picklebella Basic Black A-Line Skort

Picklebella is some excellent branding. With a polyester/spandex blend and some UV protection, Picklebella's Basic Black Skort is a no frills piece of performance gear that is anything but simple, despite its solid coloring.

A Hip-to-Hem skirt flare, moisture wicking and Picklebella's No-Slip Grip Strip at the Leg Openings help to ensure that the shorts don’t roll up or chafe.

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Dona Jo Skirted Legging ECO
Dona Jo Skirted Legging ECO shown in Navy

Dona Jo Skirted Legging ECO

With a 14" skirt length and leggings that stretch to your sock line, the Dona Jo Skirted Legging is the best way to get in a match on a cool, late Autumn day. Flat seams and deep side pockets on the inside make this legging/skirt combo really shine.

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Dona Jo Official Skirted Capri
Dona Jo Official Skirted Capri shown in Polka Dot

Dona Jo Official Skirted Capri

If you're looking for a midpoint between the skirt and the legging, you could always try a Capri. With the same 5-way stretch material and deep pockets that are smartphone ready as its legging counterpart, Dona Jo's Skirted Capri is approved (by us) for Memorial Day weekend fun.

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Pickleball Skirt FAQs

Can I shop all of these Pickleball Skirt brands?

You sure can. Here's a link to every brand mentioned.

Where can I buy custom Pickleball Skirts?

Online markets such as Etsy have custom made pickleball skirts that you won't find from the major retail brands.

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